My Story

It's pretty basic. I have always made things, made messes, made sculptures, made photographs. My work has always focused on details, memories and materials and this remains true no matter the medium I work in. After moving to Upstate New York in 2009 I started to use photography more and more as my mode of self expression. My sculptures became lighter, the documentation of 'things' more critical. I love to work with people, and work with my hands. I am passionate about teaching and giving back to my community. I believe, whole heartedly, we need craftsmen and artists working in society, now more than ever before, and I let this attitude spill over into all areas of my life. Yes, I work as a wedding photographer, yes I am a Mother, and yes I am an artist. I photograph weddings because I really do LOVE sharing such an important day with a family. Photographs are the story tellers of your family history, and am honored when I am able to contribute to that story.

 It's hard to pull anyone's life together in a short paragraph, let alone your give me a call, send me a text or shoot me an email. You can check out my CV (if your into that kind of thing) by clicking link above. I have been professionally exhibiting artwork since I graduated undergraduate school in 1997, and received my MFA in 2003 from The University of Maryland. Since then I have been busy teaching, exhibiting, working, and raising two pretty crazy (I mean awesome) kids. 


The long and infamous CV